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Team Meeting

About Us

After years of trading challenges, inaccuracies and frustrations, our team decided to produce a range of bespoke indicator solutions that could be used by both beginners or professionals alike.

Working with leading traders and analyzing the world’s best indicators, the
'CG Indicator Suit' was developed using a custom combination of industry-standard indicators working in harmony with one another. 

What separates CG Indicators from others are there use of unique algorithms that generate optimum signals for entering trades, both for Longs (Buys) and Sells (Shorts), these appear on the screen, in real-time, making the tool ideal for new or pro traders.

Analyzing Graphs

What is an Indicator?

Identifying the Problems

Trading indicators are mathematical calculations, which are plotted as lines or graphs on a price chart. There purpose is to help traders identify certain signals and trends within the market.

There are hundreds of different types of trading indicators, but all typically only analyse one market aspect falling into two categories : Leading Indicators or Lagging Indicators.


  • Leading Indicators react in Real Time and give signals based on current price action.


  • Lagging Indicators are based on a period of Historical price bars and react to past data.


Indicators are amazing tools that support traditional technical analysis and help to provide traders with an edge.

As traders, we found a number of problems with the worlds leading indicators. 


Human Interpretation

  • Each requires interpretative analysis of a waveform or line on a graph, this is done with the hope you are making the right decision and analysing the graphic interface correctly.


Rules that Don't Always Work

  • The typical "Overbought and Oversold" rules that the majority of indicators operate under do not always work, especially when momentum within the market is strong.


 Visual Aesthetics

  • No on-screen notifications and weak color schemes don’t make for an aspiring or easy to understand interface.

Collective Manipulation

  • With the majority of traders using the world's core set of indicators, it leaves them open to manipulation, i.e when a condition is met, market makers often deliberately push the price to counter the indicator signal, knowing there is liquidity within those areas and that traders are waiting to react at those points.

Providing a Solution

The CGIndicators Set was designed to provide a better solution for both new and pro traders. To eradicate frustrations and provide results. 

The Indicators:

  • Use unique algorithms to signal optimum entries for trades based on confluent factors. 

  • Work on any market, product or tradable asset - cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, currency pairs and more.

  • Incorporate an easy graphic interface that clearly signals trade action suggestions for the user to take. 

  • Provide Real-time, alert notification functionality for all triggered trade signals delivered via Email and App - no need to watch the chart all day. 

  • Can be used on different timeframes allowing the user to test and pick the strongest, most accurate entries.

  • Have built in functionality options that can be turned on or off to help support the growth and knowledge of the user.  

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