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  • What do the Indicators do?
    Coeus offers a range of easy-to-use signal indicators that provide new and experienced traders with the ability to deconstruct raw market data. Ideal for Traders or Investors, the Signals generated provide the user with a deeper level of analysis without the need for multiple other products. The signals generate informed trading decisions on when to Buy and Sell. The indicators are designed to give you an edge
  • How can I get Access to the CGIndicators?
    All the trading indicators run from TradingView. Once you have purchased a CG Indicator Subscription, simply make a free account on TradingView, message us your SUBSCRIPTION CODE (which we will email you on purchase of the product) and you'll have full access. It's that simple!
  • What price are the CGIndicators?
    The Indicators are available to purchase on a Monthly (30 Day), Half Year (6 months) or One Yearly (Annual) Subscription. Visit our Shop here to purchase.
  • How can I pay for an Indicator Subscription?
    We currently accept payment via Paypal here.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    Absolutely, whatever subscription package you pay for, is exactly what you'll get. We don't believe in 'revolving contracts' or 'locking' our customers into payment plans. Why? Because we believe you'll be so happy with the Indicators that you'll make THAT decision for yourself!
  • Will there be updates to the Indicators?
    Yes, as more and more traders use the indicators and the CG Community expands, we receive more feedback and constantly work to improve our indicators. Once you have purchased the Indicator all future updates will be added automatically for free, you will also be informed about the improvement and how to use them.
  • Do these Indicators work on any Market?
    Yes, due to the design of the Indicators functionality, they are extremely adaptable and can be applied successfully on any tradable asset or market.
  • Got another Question?
    Our team is on-hand to answer any queries you might have, simply drop us an email here and we'll get to you asap.
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