Using its unique combination algorithms, the CG Swing Trader Indicator generates optimum entry signals for trades, both Longs (Buys) and Shorts (Sells) in real-time.


Package Include:


  • 30 Day, Full Access
  • Access to use the Swing Trader Indicator - Perfect for longer holding trades for those who don't want to watch the charts regularly.  
  • Setup Guide
  • User Manual 
  • Access to Free Online Tutorials
  • Online Support for Questions


CG Indicators - Giving you an edge to consistently make a profit.

Swing Trader Indicator - 30 Day Subscription

£70.00 Regular Price
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    30 Day Subscription 

    The CG Signals Indicator is designed to find a solution for both new and pro traders. To eradicate frustrations and provide results. 

    The Indicator:

    • Uses unique algorithms to signal optimum entries for trades based on confluent factors. 

    • Works on any market, product or tradable asset - cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities and currency pairs.

    • Incorporates an easy graphic interface that clearly signals trade actions for the user to take. 

    • Provides Real-time, notification functionality for all triggered trade signals via Email and App - no need to watch the chart all day. 

    • Has built in functionality options that can be turned on or off to help support the growth and knowledge of the user. 

  • After receiving the payment via Paypal your unique Product Subscription Code will be sent to your email along with our Setup and Access Guide.