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Access Guide -
How to setup your
'All-In-one' - CG Indicator.

Getting Started 

●  Step One

     Download the Setup Guide here

●  Step Two

     Follow the instructions listed the Setup Guide and enter your Product Key in the message         box.  

The basics of Chart Reading and using the All-In-One Indicator.

How to Enter Trades using the All-In-One Indicator

How to use the Indicators Functionality and Signals

How to set-up notification alarms in the Indicator

How to Trade your Signals on an Exchange

Once you have selected the market or asset you wish to trade, simply wait for a notification Signal to be generated by your chosen CG Indicator within TradingView. Once this happens, you’ll then need to place your order on your preferred Trading Exchange.


As we have customers trading Signals generated on multiple different markets, there is no one exchange that covers all assets for placing orders. 

Instead, we have produced a "How To Guide" here with links to videos that cover how to set up an account on various exchanges. Your selection will of course dependent on what it is you wish to trade. 


Alternatively, if you'd like more personal assistance on how to up an Exchange Account, How to Place Orders and Use an Exchanges Functionality, a private Tutorial Zoom Session can be booked with our team here


Example of On-Screen Signals

If you haven't already checked out our short Functionality and Signals video above, we advise watching that and then reviewing the User Manual for a full explanation of every element included in the Indicator. 




  • Long/Short Scalp 

Most aggressive, quick firing Buy or Sell Signal. Use for trade setups with targets within a few hours.

  • Long/Short Intraday 

Buy or Sell trade setups to be held over the course of 24/48 hours. 

  • Long/Short HTF (High Time Frame) 

Swing Trade setups for longer holds over a number of days.

  • T.P (Take Profit) 

Time to lock in some profit on your position or move your Stop Loss into profit

  • Consolidation/Trend Change Warning


A period of buyer/seller exhaustion for either Accumulation or Distribution

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